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CLOCK -RAYS- Japanese Oak

CLOCK -RAYS- Japanese Oak

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The color of wood can present differently depending on the angle of light and the direction from which it is viewed. With this distinctive feature in mind, this design is meant to create the illusion that rays of light are radiating from the center of the piece. This is achieved by cutting the tsuki-ita into triangles and laminating them together in a circle. The Japanese oak used in this piece has a naturally bright color, giving it a warm wood feel. Its wood grain is unique with its freckle-like pattern. These freckles have a distinctive sheen to them that is maintained even after the dying process.

Brand/Producer: Mori Kougei

Mori Kougei was founded in Tokushima in 1953. For 70 years, they have specialized in creating items from “tsuki-ita,” paper-thin sheets of wood. Enjoy the natural wood grain of many trees grown in various environments, all with unique characteristics.

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